Massimo Guiggiani

Massimo Guiggiani Ingegneria Pisa 

Massimo Guiggiani
Professor of Applied Mechanics
Dip. di Ingegneria Civile e Industriale (DICI)
University of Pisa
Pisa, Italy

Massimo Guiggiani is Professor of Applied Mechanics at the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, University of Pisa, Italy.

He obtained his MSc with honors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pisa in 1981. From October 1981 to January 1983 he served as an officer in the Technical Corp of the Italian Army. He became Assistant Professor at the University of Pisa in 1983 and Associate Professor at the University of Siena in 1992. In the years 1992-2000 he tought Numerical Analysis, Technical Drawing, Computer Aided Geometric Design in the University of Siena, and Vehicle Mechanics in the University of Pisa. In the year 2000 he became Professor in the University of Pisa. Since then he teaches Applied Mechanics and Vehicle Dynamics.

His current research interests include:

  • vehicle dynamics

  • geometric modeling, analysis and design optimization of gear drives

Formerly, he performed research on the Boundary Element Method (BEM), with special focus on:

  • Cauchy principal value integrals

  • hypersingular integrals

  • error indicators

  • self-adaptive mesh refinement

  • Galerkin BEM

He has been involved in research collaborations and grants with the following companies and academic institutions:

  • Ecole Polytechnique, France

  • Iowa State University, USA

  • Ohio State University, USA

  • Teesside Polytechnic, UK

  • Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Ferrari

  • Avio (formerly Fiat Avio)

  • Bridgestone

  • Piaggio

  • Electricite de France

  • Enea

  • CRF

  • Siemens

Since 2008 he has been Faculty Advisor of the E-Team, the Formula SAE - Formula Student team of the University of Pisa.

Additional information can be found in his LinkedIn page or in his CV